A visual exploration of how chaos influences design. 56 cards created by leaving things to chance. These images were made by shuffling the research and sketch book mock ups and sending them through a desktop printer 10 times. Then I 'designed' and edited the resulting images. Sometimes the designer needs to step back and leave things to chance.


A catalogue I designed for a degree show with fellow designers Kevin Grennan and Caroline Kenny. Not only was it about revealing the new students to the world but it also revealed some of the hidden features of the art college - the torn wallpaper, the victorian fittings and the patterned ceilings.

Not I.

Beckett's powerful yet short monologue. The play was so short that the entire text could be set on a poster.  This made the often in-accessible work open to interpretation. I chose a simple graphic solution of taking away all '628' I's and printing them on the back.

Sci-fi, Utopias, Aliens and Robots.

A proposed design for a Science Fiction exhibition at the British Library. The design was based on typographic explorations based on well known science fiction texts. 

The Necropolis Railway.

A photography book documenting the present day journey from Waterloo to Brookwood in Surrey. The commuter line runs on the old necropolis line that transported bodies from London to a city sized victorian graveyard.

Last login: an exploration of craft and the digital memorial.

Many of my explorations questioned the nature of craft in the Digital Age and probed whether online digital memorials on social networks were of the same 'value' as traditional hand crafted Memento Mori. This culminated in a Madame Defarge inspired knitting group that took place All Souls Day 2008 where knitters knitted memorials to those that died that day. This project was later documented in Matters, a publication aimed at those considering a postgraduate design education and postgraduate design students.

Work in progress.

An invite for the Central Saints Martins work in progress show designed with a team using the exquisite corpse concept. The poster was hand-printed by Olivia Sautreil.

Imola Information Design.

A breakdown of the Imola 1994 Formula 1 race. 

Sketch book.