Do I Remember The 1st Time?

Posted on by pmd

This week my Facebook feed has been filled with excited posts regarding Pulp getting back together...God I even saw a grown man singing a Karaoke version of 'do you remember the first time' on a cross trainer at the Pulp x Vice After Hours Athletes event. I do share peoples excitement and have no doubt that Jarvis Cocker reforming the group is going to make for an exciting edition to the festival circuit next Summer...however I wonder how so many people my age were savvy enough to be Pulp fans first time around. I was far too busy listening to Oasis followed by a rather brief Greenday phase to have been able to appreciate Cocker's dulcet tones and thoughtful lyrics. I have to say I'm rather jealous of the more enlightened of my generation. Saying that possibly my 11 year old brain may not have quite got it's head around the maybe it was for the best. I will however credit Pulp with planting the first seed of an Idea that I may one day go to Central Saint martins's in my head. Anyway's enjoy there two songd...Something changed is possibly one of the greatest soppy love songs ever written. This time around I am going to remember.