even having cute kids doesn't help get Democrats elected...

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I can't claim to be an expert on American Politics...infact I can't claim to be an expert on any kind of politics but a post on the American Women's Gossip site Jezebel (much more my bag) drew my attention to the fight for the seat in Pennsylvania in this weeks mid-term elections. The seat in question was lost by Democrat Joe Sestak to Conservative Republican Joe Toomey (campaigner against abortion and Gay Marriage). The reason that Jezebel had posted about the concession speech was not due to an overly conscientious interest in the result (although the blog was obviously concerned that a conservative had won the seat) but the main reason was that his precocious daughter Alex stole the show, butting in and reminding him to thank all his siblings and that tomorrow he was going to get back to the household chores he had been ignoring during the election campaign...adorable. I don't care what you think about bossy 8 year olds but this little girl had good reason to be on stage. When she was a baby she was diagnosed with brain cancer - Sestak is ex Army so his complimentary health insurance meant that he could travel the country to get her the best treatment he possibly could and luckily she is alive to go on interrupting and acting as bossily as she wants. Most Americans can't afford the quality of policy his ex-army status provided, some can't afford health insurance at all and without this she would most certainly have died. Following on from his good fortune he made it his mission to campaign for health reform - I don't know if Sestak is a saint, some people have maintained that he bullies his staff but he has now lost to a conservative republican who doesn't believe that 2 people who love each other have the right to be together and I think that is pretty sad.

Please seee vid here: http://abclocal.go.com/wpvi/video?id=7762081