Hello Again

Posted on by pmd

This whole blogging thing is really difficult to keep up isn't it? I have come to the horrific realisation that 1. Perhaps my life is not interesting enough to keep a blog...2. My writing is ahem...shit (and I LOVE parentheses, the editor in work has also already pointed this out) 3. with no discernable sense of style it would be impossible to have a fashion blog (and hence no freebies) and 4. well haven't really got a 4...so in the run up to Christmas unfortunatly I have little in the way to offer in terms of interesting content.

So I have no alternative but to tell you about all the boring stuff I am doing anyway. This Christmas I have decided to do as much of my Christmas shopping online as possible. Does this make me some sort of scrooge? I know some people feel that the manic Christmas shop is part of the festivities, but for me it is an unnessasary evil best avoided. The problem with internet gift shopping...and well gift shopping in general, is the awful urge to buy things for myself. I can't help it...for some reason I feel entitled to get a 'little' treat for me, guilt free as I have also spent money on another human being. These treats are usually impulsive trinkets that I have little need of, and that are continually making my boudoir look more and more cluttered.They often consist of the make up/ skincare variety. How many varieties of red lipstick can one girl need? I have at least 6. Next week I imagine this will have possibly doubled. Tomorrow (as I approach my 4th weigh in) I will give you an update on the d.i.e.t. Good night!