Bank Holiday mark 2 – weddings, canal boats and Grandmaster Flash

Posted on by pmd

Bank Holiday part Deux was eclectic to say the least. Beginning with the celebrations on the 29th, our household of non-brits decided to cast our patriotism (and republican views) aside for one day and party like true royalists. Emily got the ball rolling with heart shaped American pancakes that went down a storm. In the afternoon, we held a garden party in our little patch of wasteland, but first watched the ceremony at one of our friend’s warehouse around the corner. Verdict on the dress: a little safe me-thinks but will age gracefully, like Kate…sorry erm Catherine herself. The weather pleasantly surprised us all and a bunch of our favourite friends came back to our place for a traditional British knees up of cucumber sandwiches, Pimms and Gin, LOTS of Gin. The party was rounded off by an acoustic performance by More Like Trees, an up and coming band, that to my ears manages to mix Flamenco and Drum and Bass quite beautifully. Just on a side note, we are not accustomed to having bands play in our garden often but shall be taking bookings from now on. Next day I soothed my hangover by walking with friend and all round great person Ruth along the canal to Little Venice. Here we fraternized with the west London folk at a festival of canal boats. Unfortunatly we did find locating a pub to be a bit of a task, but eventually managed to procure a pint. Finally Sunday involved braving the Camden Crawl festival to see Graham Coxon, my teenage Crush number 1. He hasn’t lost any of his magic and managed to be both confident and self deprecating, nerdy and self knowing. We danced the rest of the night away, being shouted at by secret DJ Grandmaster Flash and then finally succumbed to tiredness when Delphic approached the DJ booth at 3am. Queue to leave was when one of the band left said DJ booth to snog random blonde girl up against the wall. All in all, I felt like a teenager all over again.