Wedding Attire

Posted on by pmd

Having longed to be invited to a wedding on my own since I was about 6, 2 have suddenly come along all at once. Insert cliched weddings are like buses etc sentence here. Now I have the two pronged issue of 1. what to wear and 2. who to bring. Is it still an executable offence to wear white (even if it is really cream and is terribly short. And has tassles. Oh and is slightly see through). Does this apply if it is a civil partnership and involves 2 grooms? This refers to wedding numero uno between fellow CSM alumni Kevin and his lovely Dr. lee. Finally does it apply when wedding reception is in an East End warehouse? I know, my 2 weddings are terribly modern. Regarding date I have decided that finding a man who looks good in a suit and is willing to spend 2 hours in my company is more probable then me ever getting married so I have instead settled on a much more attractive option of flat mate and all round good time girl Ursula. She looks good in a dress and won't drink all the champers. Oh and if somebody would like to buy me these clodhoppers I would really appreciate it. x