Dry January

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Hello. I must admit I have been rather tardy with this blog...I guess I just am not that interesting and don't really have much to say for myself. For the month of January I have decided to make myself even less interesting. I have given up the booze. I know. I am Irish yada yada yada etc etc etc how can this be possible?

23 days in I have this to report: I don't feel any better, I don't look any better. I am not in a better mood and frankly the only reason I am still doing it is out of shear bloody mindedness. So yes. Roll on February!

Hello Again

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This whole blogging thing is really difficult to keep up isn't it? I have come to the horrific realisation that 1. Perhaps my life is not interesting enough to keep a blog...2. My writing is ahem...shit (and I LOVE parentheses, the editor in work has also already pointed this out) 3. with no discernable sense of style it would be impossible to have a fashion blog (and hence no freebies) and 4. well haven't really got a 4...so in the run up to Christmas unfortunatly I have little in the way to offer in terms of interesting content.

So I have no alternative but to tell you about all the boring stuff I am doing anyway. This Christmas I have decided to do as much of my Christmas shopping online as possible. Does this make me some sort of scrooge? I know some people feel that the manic Christmas shop is part of the festivities, but for me it is an unnessasary evil best avoided. The problem with internet gift shopping...and well gift shopping in general, is the awful urge to buy things for myself. I can't help it...for some reason I feel entitled to get a 'little' treat for me, guilt free as I have also spent money on another human being. These treats are usually impulsive trinkets that I have little need of, and that are continually making my boudoir look more and more cluttered.They often consist of the make up/ skincare variety. How many varieties of red lipstick can one girl need? I have at least 6. Next week I imagine this will have possibly doubled. Tomorrow (as I approach my 4th weigh in) I will give you an update on the d.i.e.t. Good night!

Do I Remember The 1st Time?

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This week my Facebook feed has been filled with excited posts regarding Pulp getting back together...God I even saw a grown man singing a Karaoke version of 'do you remember the first time' on a cross trainer at the Pulp x Vice After Hours Athletes event. I do share peoples excitement and have no doubt that Jarvis Cocker reforming the group is going to make for an exciting edition to the festival circuit next Summer...however I wonder how so many people my age were savvy enough to be Pulp fans first time around. I was far too busy listening to Oasis followed by a rather brief Greenday phase to have been able to appreciate Cocker's dulcet tones and thoughtful lyrics. I have to say I'm rather jealous of the more enlightened of my generation. Saying that possibly my 11 year old brain may not have quite got it's head around the content...so maybe it was for the best. I will however credit Pulp with planting the first seed of an Idea that I may one day go to Central Saint martins's in my head. Anyway's enjoy there two songd...Something changed is possibly one of the greatest soppy love songs ever written. This time around I am going to remember.

Another Coppola nugget....

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Me and my flatmate Michelle were obbsessed with this film when we were studying our graphic design BA. Sofia Coppola says that the film is about the emptiness she felt after finishing college and not really knowing how your life is going to turn out. What do you think he is saying in the whisper scene?

even having cute kids doesn't help get Democrats elected...

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I can't claim to be an expert on American Politics...infact I can't claim to be an expert on any kind of politics but a post on the American Women's Gossip site Jezebel (much more my bag) drew my attention to the fight for the seat in Pennsylvania in this weeks mid-term elections. The seat in question was lost by Democrat Joe Sestak to Conservative Republican Joe Toomey (campaigner against abortion and Gay Marriage). The reason that Jezebel had posted about the concession speech was not due to an overly conscientious interest in the result (although the blog was obviously concerned that a conservative had won the seat) but the main reason was that his precocious daughter Alex stole the show, butting in and reminding him to thank all his siblings and that tomorrow he was going to get back to the household chores he had been ignoring during the election campaign...adorable. I don't care what you think about bossy 8 year olds but this little girl had good reason to be on stage. When she was a baby she was diagnosed with brain cancer - Sestak is ex Army so his complimentary health insurance meant that he could travel the country to get her the best treatment he possibly could and luckily she is alive to go on interrupting and acting as bossily as she wants. Most Americans can't afford the quality of policy his ex-army status provided, some can't afford health insurance at all and without this she would most certainly have died. Following on from his good fortune he made it his mission to campaign for health reform - I don't know if Sestak is a saint, some people have maintained that he bullies his staff but he has now lost to a conservative republican who doesn't believe that 2 people who love each other have the right to be together and I think that is pretty sad.

Please seee vid here: http://abclocal.go.com/wpvi/video?id=7762081

Feed me...feed me noooooowwwwwwwwwwww!

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Today I started the first day of a 10 week healthy eating course by the Guardian...I'm hungry! Through no fault but my own I may add, having been to lazy to buy bananas and nuts this morning so lacking a certain amount of sustenance. This healthy eating thing seems to involve an awful lot of weighing...tonight I had to cook with a quarter of a potato rather then my usual 4. (it's my Irish blood I tell ye! ) Anyway lets see how I get on! Will I last the 10 weeks or will I crumble and devour a whole Battenburg just like my lil sheep dog Sheba did when I was a kid? Watch this space.


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In an earlier post I hinted at an unhealthy interest in the Coppollas. Francis Ford - well he's pretty successful...Sofia his offspring, ok she was wooden in Godfather part 3 but all is forgiven now she has produced such iconic films as Lost in Translation and erm...Marie Antoinette. Jason Schwartzman her cousin, not only is he the son of Rocky's love interest in the trilogy but also was in the band that sang the theme tune to the OC (guilty pleasure numero uno). Not to mention good ol' Nick Cage. He has been in a few duds but has also shone in Adaption and Raising Arizona. Check out Heart of Darkness, a brilliant doc on the making of Apocalyspe Now.

The terrible twos.

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This weekend was Halloween. I do love dressing up. I find that people always seem to enjoy themselves more when they are disguised with a ludicrous mow or a fuzzy afro wig...p'raps it's the over use of hair spray or the chemicals they put in the face paint but a Halloween party always seems to be a tad more reckless then the average weekend night out. This year I decided to venture away from my locale and travel into deeper darkest Hackney for a party at a fellow Central Saint Martin's grads lovely home. I went with my friend Lauren, also an ex MA graduate and a rather talented designer (You can see some of her luscious work here). Lauren and I met on our 1st year at CSM and bonded over a love of silly wigs and an in-depth knowledge of the Coppola Dynasty. More about this later...

As usual we left purchasing our chosen costumes until the last minute, but I often find that the most creative costumes emerge from the panic that ensues at 7, the evening of a costume party. We had opted for a twins costume and eventually settled on going down the rather un pc siamese route. I had envisioned a gothic fantasy akin to the siamese twins that were in the second installment of the Addams Family. Lauren wasn't convinced, especially when I produced 2 rather pathetic looking afro like purble wigs from a Sainbos bag...think more Ronald MacDonald then romantic gothic freaks. This was going to take a lot of accesorization.

Finding a dress that would comfortatably fit 2 rather small people was more difficult then we first thought. After hunting in BHS (surely the British Home Stores would cater for the larger lady/adult Siamese twins) we found a triple xxl dark grey t-shirt dress in H+M which we could just about squeeze into. With some coordination and a hefty amount of vino we some how managed to pull it off without killing each other. Among the highlights of the party was a female version of KISS, a rather non threatening furry dragon and ahum...Jewperman.


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Hello. I'm Isolde. I am a designer by training and a trend researcher by trade.

I'm not quite sure what this blog will be yet so bear with me. I like fashion...so there might be a bit of that...I like fancy dress...I like graphic design...(the title of this blog is a reference to my in-ability to spell, not my love of fonts however!).